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Muste Building News
August 20, 2012

Mural: Thanks to artist Christopher Cardinale, we have a beautiful new mural up on the front of our building, celebrating A.J. Muste's legacy to the movement (see photo at right). The life-size mural is painted on detachable plywood, so it can be relocated if necessary.

Sharing: We've been collaborating with the NYC Movement Space Project, an exciting new collective effort to open an organizing space and community cultural center in New York City. We don't yet know where this collaboration will lead, but we're glad to be part of the conversation. Whatever happens, we're committed to providing working space for grassroots nonviolent activist organizations over the long term.

Options: Our friends at Greenpoint Manufacturing and Design Center (GMDC) reviewed our situation and advised us that it probably wouldn't be advantageous for the Muste Institute to finance a renovation of 339 Lafayette Street. As we focus on other options, more attractive purchase offers are emerging for our building.

Award: In May, the New York State Youth Leadership Council (NYSYLC), one of our newest tenants, won an award for their inspiring and courageous work fighting for equal access to education and a future for undocumented youth. Equipo de Impacto 5, a group of Latin American immigrant workers doing cross-generational leadership development, hands out the award each year to upgrade the work space of a worthy nonprofit. The Equipo's volunteers provided free labor and materials to paint and fix up our building's third floor hallway and bathrooms, along with the front stairwell, making the space more welcoming for NYSYLC's active membership and for all of us in the Muste building.

Bike racks: In response to our request for more bicycle parking, the New York City Department of Transportation has installed two attractive circular bicycle racks in the newly repaired sidewalk in front of our building.

Get in touch! If you are share a commitment to nonviolent action for social justice and a particular interest in the future of the Muste Institute's sheltering program, let us know. We'll add you to a list for more frequent building updates, and let you know about opportunities to get more involved.

Support us! Give now. Our important work would not be possible without your generosity. Please make the largest gift that you can to the A.J. Muste Memorial Institute today. If you indicate "sheltering" on your check or online donation form, your gift will be earmarked toward our program of providing affordable office and meeting space for our social justice movement tenants.

Thank you!

Art by Jeanne Strole